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Hey Kelley!

Time For More Gloves as I am down to my last 4. I tried to save them but I couldn’t shoot under 95 with my old gloves. Went back to the Pro Air Grip and now back in the low 80’s. Do you have a deal on 5 pack?

Bill M

 I now hit more fairways consistently! 

Besides the immediate benefits of the Pro Air Grip, this glove is well-tailored and extremely comfortable. The comfort alone is worth the purchase and I now hit more fairways consistently. I highly suggest any golfer invest wisely in themselves and purchase a Pro Air Grip Glove to see and feel the difference.s.

Sam Flowers

Everything I hit was solid!! Played with the glove today for 1st time hit balls at the range and everything I hit was solid so confident when started my round put up a good number on front nine played with my regular glove on the back and first tee shot was 1 fairway over on the right. I knew then and there it was the glove that was helping me keep it straight plus could feel that grip pressure was different when wearing your glove. Needless to say didn’t play that well so I am a believer in the Air Glove. Now have 3 to use and will probably buy more in the future. Thank you!!

William Crocker

The Pro Air Grip Glove has done wonders for my golf game, and the people around me. I have always had a very tight grip on the club which has potential to create a lot of problems in the swing. With the Pro Air Grip, I do not have this problem anymore. This glove has caused me to become more accurate, and has made me drop a few shots during my rounds. During lessons and club fittings I have had some of my customers test out the glove and they loved it. I even had one of my customers buy my demo off of me during his fitting. This product is a heck of a product and will be improving amateurs’ golf games for years to come.

Garrett Graff

pro air grip golf gloves

Achieve The Perfect Grip

To achieve “The Perfect Grip”, one must first practice to obtain a practical grip position, with a firm grip on the golf club. A grip that feels comfortable in the hand, and a grip that can be practiced the same way each and every time you take your swing. This is the cornerstone for improving the accuracy of your golf shots and particularly your drives.




Patent Pending Technology



Our technology lines the inside of the glove with tiny air pockets that can shield the golf club from being gripped too tightly, resulting in a more uniform grip.



Our goal is to provide a glove with a grip enhancement that is so positive, that our customers can feel confident every time they swing their club.



Pro Air Grip Golf gloves are perforated and made with the finest ‘lightweight’ leather face and mesh backhand, helping maintain a cool, comfortable and confident grip.




Tiny Air Bubbles adjust automatically to distribute grip pressure evenly, providing a balanced grip surface for a firm, even and consistent grip.



Pro Air Grip was developed to assist in correcting issues associated with improper and excessive grip pressure. Our technology helps maintain a firm and consistent grip platform.



Repetitive driving can be tiring on your hands. Our Patent Pending Air Grip Bubble technology provides a buffer between the golf club and the players hand.


pro air grip golf glove

Pro Air Grip Golf Gloves For Women & Men including Cadet Sizing


How Grip Affects Your Shots & Accuracy

When selecting a lightweight Golf Glove, it is important to choose a design that is comfortable to wear. Moreover, it must be able to protect and cushion your hands properly whilst still maintaining a firm grip. We offer only the highest quality material in our Patented Air-Glove products in a wide range of sizes tailored for the desired fit, including Cadet sizing.

Our Enhanced Grip Patented Air-Glove Technology provides a Golf Glove with tiny Air-Pockets manufactured into the grip surface.


Our newly patented technology enables you to hold your golf club more naturally, and with less grip pressure. With a more relaxed leading hand, you’ll have more control over your club. With more control – you can fine tune your accuracy.


The Pro Air Grip Golf Glove Difference